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Are We Eating Our Own Rubbish?

I found another well made info graphic on the subject of polluting the ocean and thus eating our own rubbish.  The info graphic explains itself pretty well; Advertisements

Wonderwater Cafe; How Much Water Do You Eat?

I found this interesting article on Dezeen about a cafe in Beijing that presented diners with information booklets about how much water each meal took to produce, from each individual ingredient. Part of Jane… Continue reading

Nobuho Nagasawa’s ‘Bodywaves’

Nobuho Nagasawa’s ‘Bodywaves’, was displayed in the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in Manhatten last year.  The exhibition surrounded the value of water.  Nagasawa’s work was a rocking chair that charts our… Continue reading

Water Consumption Preliminary Research

I’d like to get a better understanding of how much water people consume on a daily basis as part of my preliminary research. I plan on finding out this information by asking people… Continue reading

RSA Student Design Awards: Valuing Water

Just started back at Uni today for my honours year. We have two projects this year, one of which is the RSA Student Design Awards. I have chosen the project brief ‘Valuing Water’,… Continue reading