Dusi Tea Kettle

Such a simplistic but amazing kettle. It is a kettle and teapot in one. 1) Heat up the water on the stove 2) Place tea infuser in the spout and pour. Easy. Awesome.… Continue reading

Design Ethnography Video

And here’s a video of some of the weeks events (and non-events) so far;

Design Experiments No.2

This is the second design experiment created with inspiration from Dominic Wilcox. It is an experiment into making life easier in the office – transportation of goods becomes easier with new “desk springs”.

The Lifesaver Bottle

This is Michael Pritchard.  He makes filthy water into sterile drinking water.  And he makes it look easy. The lifesaver bottle seems so simple – a bottle which can simple filter any dirty… Continue reading

Problems in Aberdeen (aka things the council should fix)

Here’s some photos of things I noticed in Aberdeen today.  I wish I’d never seen the last one…

The Cinderella Table

This is the cinderella table as presented on the Demakersvan website.  Designed by Jeroen Verhoeven, it was inspired by 17th and 18th century archetypal tables.  Created from 57 sheets of plywood shaped by… Continue reading

A New Venture Into Blogging

Welcome to my new page.  I hope you enjoy yourself!