Making Information

Phase 1 of this project was to take a blank form, in this case a scale, and create a designed object that communicates data related to the food and drink sector in Scotland.… Continue reading

Mearns & Gill Project

We have been asked to design awards for the offshore achievement awards by Mearns & Gill.  To start the project I created the following video.  My initial research was simply asking 100 people… Continue reading

The Baby Buggy Collaborative Project

This project was to design a baby buggy for certain demographics.  It was a group collaboration and this was the end result.

Harvey’s Project

For this project, we were asked to design an object that could be built by Harvey’s.  I designed a flatpacked bottle holder that would be used to hold bottles inside cars.  It is… Continue reading

Scale Up Vray Rendered

Here is my attempt at doing a Vray render of a biro pen…

Scale Up Workshop Diary

The project this time was to create a ‘Biro’ pen 4 times the size of the original. I really enjoyed this project and here is how I made it… 1) Casing I used… Continue reading

Issey Miyake Vue Watch

This watch looks brilliant; Also I’m enjoying the fuse project website (click)

Power to the People: Hair Dryers

Here is my new video;  

Hair Dryer

Week 2 of our inclusive design project brings me to documenting and redesigning the features of different hair dryers! Here’s my drawing of a current and basic hair dryer… To be honest, from… Continue reading

Power to the People: Kettles

Here are some videos I made of three demographics using my kettle.  Enjoy.