‘On the Bus’ Video Research Probe

I wanted to look into why people disliked the bus so I filmed myself boarding a few buses in Aberdeen.  As someone who does not regularly take the bus, I was glad I… Continue reading

Survey Results – ‘About your commute’

I posted a survey (Source – http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/3L56MK5) to ask people about their daily commute to work.  I got some interesting answers and here they are;   1) On a typical work day, which forms… Continue reading

Patch Design

I was recently down in Manchester helping a friend with his new carpentry business ‘Patch Design’.  For a short project, we created a coffee table.  Due to pending patent reasons, I cannot show… Continue reading

Point In The Park

‘Point in the Park’ is the name of series of objects situated in parks that are used as modern information points.  The objects have a layered narrative with the use of augmented reality… Continue reading

Self Directed Materiality Experiments

On going from my last post, I have been experimenting with materiality and decided to make some fake plastic tree bark; I decided to try to imprint both the negative and positive sides… Continue reading

Self Directed Project

I have been looking into keeping interest in urban parks within the public.  I originally wanted to create a designed object or series of objects that would promote honesty and trust within the… Continue reading

NCR 2011

I recently took part in the NCR 2011 competition.  The brief was to design a service that used universal design principles to consider how a person would independently purchase items from a grocery… Continue reading

Offshore Achievement Awards 2012 Update

I recently presented my proposals for the offshore achievement awards and I have been happily shortlisted with 3 others to potentially win this competition!  Here is my final image from last week; The… Continue reading

Student Designers – Business:Designed Workshop

I was in Edinburgh a couple of weeks ago for a business designing workshop.  In teams of 5, 8 business ideas were created in one day.  It was a great day, and all… Continue reading

Offshore Achievement Awards

Here are some pictures of what I have been working on for my set of awards for the offshore achievement awards;