Nobuho Nagasawa’s ‘Bodywaves’

Nobuho Nagasawa’s ‘Bodywaves’, was displayed in the Cathedral Church of St. John the Divine in Manhatten last year.  The exhibition surrounded the value of water.  Nagasawa’s work was a rocking chair that charts our… Continue reading

Boxed Water

Is boxed water better for the earth?

Water Consumption Preliminary Research

I’d like to get a better understanding of how much water people consume on a daily basis as part of my preliminary research. I plan on finding out this information by asking people… Continue reading

RSA Student Design Awards: Valuing Water

Just started back at Uni today for my honours year. We have two projects this year, one of which is the RSA Student Design Awards. I have chosen the project brief ‘Valuing Water’,… Continue reading

Final Design

Potential room for a back seat cover; Final Design;


Looking briefly into hygiene matters, most buses around the country in Britain have fabric covered seating.  This is not so hygienic, as written about in this article.  Fabric seats can soak up liquids… Continue reading

Sketches and Renders

I was looking into how direct eyesight can make people uncomfortable, as Dr Jared Thomas found out; “Dr Jared Thomas’ findings show the seating layout of public transport forces people into an intimate distance… Continue reading

Problems With Bus Travel

Problems We All Face I have found a few blogs and papers written about problems with buses, some more formal than others. Auckland, Transport & Urban Design blog has created a long list… Continue reading

Basic Bus Research

Evolution I wanted to look into the evolution of buses to see what has changed.  I found this website of London’s buses and coaches throughout the years and realised that the evolution has… Continue reading

Interview with Dave

I talked with a man called Dave about his experiences commuting to work on the bus. He is a 39 year old business man who has recently started to take the 20 minute… Continue reading