Journeys Around The Kitchen

In the ‘Food’ episode of Russel Brand’s “Ponderland”, there are some hilarious observations of cooking and eating a few decades ago;

At 3:43, a man in a kitchen explains his annoyances with the design of the layout of his kitchen, assisted by a narrator;

Overly Annoyed Man: “What about the homes of today, and tomorrow? Have our designers learnt nothing from the mistakes of the past? Or is a new generation of housewives going to use this marvellous, shiny equipment in the same old, muggled way?”

Narrator: “There’s no reason why they should.  Housewife’s needs have been studied and analysed by the scientist. It’s possible today to design a kitchen as efficiently as a motor car. Look out! The milk’s boiling!”

Housewife: “There. Not bad was it?”

Overly Annoyed Man: “Not Bad? It was dreadful! I counted 20 journeys!”

Narrator: “Here, 20 Journeys. Carrying things. A total of nearly a hundred yards”

Overly Annoyed Man: “You see? As far as from here to the corner of the street and back.  I wonder how many miles you walk in this kitchen?

Outdated or not, this is quite a humorous look on the ‘Journeys’ around a kitchen.  Is it necessary to think this deeply into the construction of your kitchen?  Or are these ‘journeys’ all part of the cooking experience?