I Cooked Dinner Tonight…

I cooked dinner tonight for me and Hannah and it got us talking about how far my cooking skills have come since I moved to Aberdeen all those years ago.

As I bumble my way through the kitchen, I find myself enjoying cooking more and more the older I get.  Coming from a background of pretty much getting all my meals cooked for me until I was 18, I’m no expert in the kitchen.

When I left home for the first time, I cooked meals for one, generally stir fries for dinner and toasties for lunch.  I considered myself a reasonable cook compared to my flat mates… but over time, my environment didn’t consider the hygiene required for a healthy lifestyle, never mind a cooked meal…

Would you cook and eat here?

Excuse me, bin bags, while I grill the salmon…

After a year of this awesomely disgusting state of affairs, my cooking knowledge felt like it was at an all time low.  My second year of university brought with it more stress and consecutively I felt there was less time to be in the kitchen.  I vow to never again eat as many packets of super noodles each week as I did then.  My diet was terrible, and affected my body and mood.  I ate microwave ready meals aplenty, whatever with chips at uni and other processed crap all other times.  My life was based on convenience because I was too lazy to do anything about it.  Was I lazy because of what I was eating?  Is it a vicious cycle?


My third year in Aberdeen brought with it a new flat, shared with a couple of my best friends.  We liked to party, but we also liked to eat well.  Perhaps there is only so much fast food one can take.

Every Sunday we took turns to cook a special meal or ‘roast’ for groups of our friends and we managed to keep it up all year round.  I guess it worked out that if we were cooking socially we would make a more grandiose effort to out do each other and constantly create amazing meals.  That was the year I cooked my first Red Thai Curry complete with sticky rice and I still remember it!

During the week we tended to either cook for ourselves or cook simple meals in large batches for the 3 – 5 of us.  It was a year of better eating.

A Roast dinner (Above) and my Red Thai Curry (below) (Yes I did eat it with two knives, apparently)

My next year in Aberdeen had me living with my to-be fiancée and 2 other friends.  As Hannah loves to cook and bake, I found that I no longer really needed to be in the kitchen unless I was washing the dishes.  If I put my mind to it I could maybe make a valentines bake…

Yes, we did have a wardrobe in the kitchen.

As Hannah points out, I tend not to make an effort to cook when cooking for myself.  I make an effort to cook for her for some awesome brownie points (and that is all, Geoff).  Why do I cook for the pleasure of others but not for the pleasure of myself?