Scale Up Workshop Diary

The project this time was to create a ‘Biro’ pen 4 times the size of the original.

I really enjoyed this project and here is how I made it…

1) Casing

I used perspex to create the 6 sides of the casing.  They were cut at 60 degree angles using the circular saw.

After sanding and polishing, dichloromethane was used to stick the sides together.

The metal lathe was used to angle one end of the casing.

A circular tube was cut to create the other end.

2) Nib

I made two nibs using the wood lathe.

3) Pen Top

I could not find a large enough piece of green plastic to create the pen top so I decided to make one myself using green acrylic and tensol high strength glue.  This was then turned on the metal lathe to create the plug for the pen top.

4) Lid

These vacuum formed pieces were stuck together and then spray painted.

5) Finished Model

A job well done.