What Is Cooking? – A Questionnaire

I posted up a quick survey for people to fill in and here are the results, some answers provide great insights into what people assume cooking actually is.   1. Would you define… Continue reading

Food journals

I realised I fell behind a fair bit with my food journals since last thursday. In general: Breakfast is ALWAYS either peanut butter and jam on toast or cheap coco pops or nothing… Continue reading

Food Journal Wed 10th Oct

Breakfast: Peanut Butter and Strawberry Jam on Brown Toast Lunch: Missed Lunch šŸ˜¦ Dinner: Hannah’s homemade soup for starters and Mince and Tatties for main! mhmm.

Journeys Around The Kitchen

In the ‘Food’ episode of Russel Brand’s “Ponderland”, there are some hilarious observations of cooking and eating a few decades ago; At 3:43, a man in a kitchen explains his annoyances with the… Continue reading

My Cooking Environment

Can a person’s cooking environment affect whether they will cook or not? Or whether they will want to cook? Or whether they will enjoy cooking? etc. etc… As looked into in my previous… Continue reading

Food Journal

I am planning on observing and keeping track of what I eat for a while. Ā I will then attempt to encourage myself to eat in and pre plan meals more often. Today; Breakfast:… Continue reading

I Cooked Dinner Tonight…

I cooked dinner tonight for me and Hannah and it got us talking about how far my cooking skills have come since I moved to Aberdeen all those years ago. As I bumble… Continue reading

How Can Design Make People Want to Cook?

For my self directed honours project, I am planning on looking into how design can make people want to cook. I plan to set out to find out about different aspects of cooking,… Continue reading

Are We Eating Our Own Rubbish?

I found another well made info graphic on the subject of polluting the ocean and thus eating our own rubbish. Ā The info graphic explains itself pretty well;

Wonderwater Cafe; How Much Water Do You Eat?

I found this interesting article on DezeenĀ about a cafe in Beijing that presented diners with information booklets about how much water each meal took to produce, from each individual ingredient. Part of Jane… Continue reading